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Vendor Information

If you need electric, tables, or you need to ship

in your products, please use the forms below

from Expo Services.

Exhibitor Set-Up Times


You will be allowed to drive into the building on:

Thursday March 9th from 10AM to 8PM


Friday Set - up is from 8am to 1pm

vehicles will not be allowed into the building Friday

unless it necessary and approved by show management.


Saturday Exhibitors are allowed access starting at 8AM


Sunday Exhibitors are allowed access starting at 8am


Show Tear Down will begin as soon as the show is over at 5pm on Sunday till 11pm.

Everything must be removed from the building by 11pm


Please note per your contract that EARLY TEAR DOWN IS NOT PERMITTED. ANYONE PARTICIPATING IN EARLY TEAR DOWN WILL BE FINED $100 and will not leave the premises without paying the fine.

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